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Avleen (7 years old)

We came to your karate because it is very good and we really liked it. It is great karate and it's really good for health. Sensei is a great person because he always teaches great karate and teaches the right things.

Jasmeet (14 years old)

Sensei is a friendly instructor who teaches professionally and he makes karate enjoyable because his classes are fun. I really enjoy his teaching methods where learning is combined with fun

Davinder and Simarmeet

Sensei is very approachable and the initial reasons for joining the classes were based on reference by a friend and the proximity of the leisure centre to our house where the classes were delivered.

After starting the classes we had to change the days due to our work commitments and Sensei was very supportive of the request. The girls always enjoy the time with him by learning new skills in Karate as well as the need to practice and persevere. Sensei is a well liked teacher who is supportive to students as he teaches children based on their abilities.  Sensei understands and addresses any problems that have arisen during the course of training as our older daughter had some health issues and after allowinv her time off from training she was gradually restarted on the regular schedule in a stepwise approach. During the pandemic the classes have continued remotely and Sensei has utilised technology to ensure that students have continued on their path to achieve the Kyus. We wish him all the best in future and we are thankful for all his hard and good work as a teacher.

Neil Lodge

I first met Owen in the 1980’s, I had started Shotokan at a local club and he was one of the higher brown belt grades.


Towards the end of a lesson we often sparred with anyone in the class, then we’d thank them and change partners. I watched Owen do kumite with other high grades and was amazed and inspired by his ability, but what most impressed me was his attitude. I remember partnering up with him for sparring, and obviously his ability was far superior to mine, but he didn’t overpower me, he used restraint and pin-pointed the strikes on my body without causing any injury (unlike some other higher grades I met), that impressed me.


I stayed at the club for about a year and then left to go to college, but I never forgot. A couple of years passed and our paths met again, this time Owen was a Dan grade and was running his own club, needless to say I started back training with him. He gradually helped me through the grades till I took my black belt or Shodan with Enoeda Sensei.


So what makes Owen a great teacher? 

Putting the student before himself, bringing out the best in you, raising the standard to it’s highest level, breaking everything down so you can understand it, having loads of patience, teaching practical defence skills, the list goes on.


Obviously he has great fighting skills (his work in the security business, has proven there effectiveness) but how he teaches, especially with children is amazing. Knowing when to push you because you’re being lazy or when to praise and encourage you when you have done well. Over the years I have seen many of the children in the class develop, giving them confidence, self-believe and a good attitude for life ahead. 


Owen has always used the mantra, ’if you’re going to do something, give it your all’, whether it’s in the dojo, the classroom or the workplace. He’s always willing to help you, with advice, knowledge and practical solutions in and out of the dojo.


As time passes I have seen Owen’s karate become deeper and more philosophical, as Karate was meant to. The Dojo Kun states, ‘to strive for the perfection of character’, he embodies this principle, always learning, the perpetual student.


Today, I am still practicing Karate with Owen. I owe Karate a lot, (I even met my wife at the dojo) it has helped steer me through life but so has Owen, whom I’m proud to call my teacher and friend. I can not thank him enough for being part of my own personal journey.

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